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Drafting Is My Favorite

currently playing on my laptop: Trance to Study by: All Nighter by Delta Notch If you get a bunch of writers together, two questions will always come up. What is your favorite part of the writing process? What is your … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for my YA/Adult Fantasy!

currently playing on my iPod: Fire in my Bones by Fleurie Hey all! So the first standalone novel in my Uncommon World series, Waters of Salt and Sin, comes out April 4th! Here is the cover!!! Merilliza Chan (responsible for … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Writing Stories Someone Might Actually Want to Read

currently playing on my iPod: Oceans by Twin Atlantic Want your novel to not suck? Try these three techniques. 1. Figure out what you LOVE about your favorite movies/TV shows and include whatever-that-is in your story. imdb.com I love BBC … Continue reading

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Is the 21st c the Time of Unconventional Hotness?

currently playing on my iPod: Blue Moon by Beck Man/womankind has always appreciated a pretty face. Because SCIENCE, people. Not really just because we are shallow. But lately, it seems we humans (at least those into TV) are leaning more … Continue reading

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