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What a Samurai and a Stingray Have in Common

currently playing on my laptop: The Beach by The Neighbourhood I’ve been indulging my not-so-inner history nerd of late. The Frist Center of Visual Arts here in Nashville currently houses a load of rad samurai stuff. Armor made of silk, paper, … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Create a Historical Background

currently playing on my laptop: Cruel World by Phantogram Recently, Tehlor Kinney (@tehlorkay) tweeted about the importance of worldbuilding with careful consideration to the background on such cultural topics as food, clothing, and so forth. It was a great thread … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding in a Postcard

currently playing on my laptop: Way Down We Go by Kaleo My parents uncovered a postcard collection gathered from both sides of the family, with many pieces from the early 1900s. That’s a lot of years ago, people! The old pictures, … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Your Local History!

currently playing on my laptop: The Silver Tent by Ramin Djawadi As you are well aware, I’m a gigantic history nerd. I travel all over this planet gathering stories and eating amazing things and touching all the artifacts I shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Swords, Daggers, and More

now playing on my iPod: Coward by Hayden Calnin I recently skipped happily through the vast wonders of the British Museum and the Tower of London. It was a breathtaking day and I’d love to share some of the goodies … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Writing Stories Someone Might Actually Want to Read

currently playing on my iPod: Oceans by Twin Atlantic Want your novel to not suck? Try these three techniques. 1. Figure out what you LOVE about your favorite movies/TV shows and include whatever-that-is in your story. imdb.com I love BBC … Continue reading

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The Old and the New in Edinburgh

currently playing on my iPod: Breezeblocks by Alt-J My vibe here is usually loud, fun-loving, full-on history and music geek. Today I feel…reflective. Grab your tea and perfect your knowing nod. Here we go. When you visit cities long inhabited, the … Continue reading

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