Updates on the Dragons Rising Series

now playing on my laptop: the Game of Thrones Season One soundtrack 😉

Hello all! (here is me in my Renaissance Faire garb being ridiculous)


Fate of Dragons, Dragons Rising Book One, is kicking tail in the charts and I couldn’t be happier!

I have updates for you!

  1. The Fate of Dragons audiobook should be available on Audible mid May. Caitlin Davies narrated (she has also recorded several of Lindsay Buroker’s books~cue fangirling) and she knocked it out of the park, dudes. It’s awesooommmmeee.
  2. Book Two, Band of Breakers, will be up for pre-order on or near Friday, April 26th, so get ready for a sneak peek on that front. Eeee! Hint: Elves are happening.
  3. If you haven’t read my other epic fantasy series, Uncommon World, you might be interested to know that book one in that series, Waters of Salt and Sin, will be available in audiobook on Audible any day now! Heather Costa narrated that one and she is AHmazing. It’s a big ole book too so you’ll get your credit’s worth for sure on that one. 😉
  4. Can you help me name the gryphon who will show up in book two? Check out my fan group on Facebook to participate OR sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss the voting form! Here is the Facebook Group Link and here is the link for the newsletter (where you can also nab a free library of ebooks by me!).



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