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The First Chapter

currently playing on my laptop: Under the Water by Aurora Curious about the book I released yesterday? It’s a book for people who love everything from Sabaa Tahir’s historical-ish settings and action, to the jokey, ensemble feel of the fabulously … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Create a Historical Background

currently playing on my laptop: Cruel World by Phantogram Recently, Tehlor Kinney (@tehlorkay) tweeted about the importance of worldbuilding with careful consideration to the background on such cultural topics as food, clothing, and so forth. It was a great thread … Continue reading

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Stranger: Part Two of a Fantasy in Miniature

now playing on my laptop: No Light, No Light by Florence and the Machine The black earth heaped over my shovel’s blade and I paused to wipe my forehead. I was only digging a spot for a new lilac tree, … Continue reading

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Keeping It Hot: Firepots, Hypocausts, and Flames Underfoot

currently playing on my laptop: The Way It Will Be by Gillian Welch Our ancestors were not always freezing their important bits off as some of us may imagine. They were actually rather clever. Nomadic, semi-nomadic, and occasional trip-taking peoples … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Writing Stories Someone Might Actually Want to Read

currently playing on my iPod: Oceans by Twin Atlantic Want your novel to not suck? Try these three techniques. 1. Figure out what you LOVE about your favorite movies/TV shows and include whatever-that-is in your story. imdb.com I love BBC … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Inspiration, Part II: Poetry

currently playing on my iPod: Gone by Ioanna Gika Last post I talked about how music inspires writers to create faster paced action and richer transitional scenes. Today, we’ll discuss poetry. Because of its abstract nature, poetry can paint truly … Continue reading

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A New Genre in Historical Fiction

currently playing on my iPod: Waiting In Vain by Annie Lennox As I sat down with my dinner of fried eggs, toast, and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, I was struck again by that nagging feeling–that my favorite … Continue reading

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