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Believable Writing: The Texture of a Place

now playing on my MacBook: All Night by Big Boi (thanks to my thirteen-year-old) Hello writers and readers! Do you ever find yourself reading an especially awesome book and realize you FEEL like you are ACTUALLY there? Usually, that’s due to … Continue reading

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Long Time, No See

currently playing on my laptop: True Feeling by Galantis Hello people!!! I’ve missed blogging! The last months have been a whirlwind of writing and being a mother and learning to love myself again. I went through a weird, emotionally rough … Continue reading

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Day in the Life of an Author: Summertime

*currently playing in my ears: Growing up Londinium by Daniel Pemberton * currently reading: a friend’s fantasy manuscript because my life is pretty great* (Above right: what most see Above left: what writers see) My family and I drove a … Continue reading

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InstaLove Exists

currently playing on my laptop: You Should Know Where I’m Coming From by Banks You know the term Insta-Love or maybe instalove. It’s when two characters see one another and either immediately or pretty shortly thereafter fall completely in loooovvveee. … Continue reading

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Writing Tips: Action Scenes, Part I

I made another Saturday writing tips video for you! This one goes over three things to watch out for when writing action scenes. Let me know if you like it or have anything to add. I’m totally open to any … Continue reading

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Writing Tips: Plotting Your Story

now playing on my laptop: Let It Go by James Bay Hey all! It’s time for another Saturday writing tips video! This one gives you some practical advice on how to get started plotting. I hope you enjoy it!

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Folk Songs from Everywhere

One of the big reasons I write fantasy is so that I have an outlet for my love of everything culture. Lately, I’ve been on a big folk song kick.  With regards to writing, folk songs are a great way … Continue reading

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