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What I Learned at a Book Fest

now playing on my laptop: Alaska by Mogli (thanks Kristin) I recently attended the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling Green and had a fantastic time. In addition to wandering around in dragon themed leather armor and heading to White Squirrel … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Writing Stories Someone Might Actually Want to Read

currently playing on my iPod: Oceans by Twin Atlantic Want your novel to not suck? Try these three techniques. 1. Figure out what you LOVE about your favorite movies/TV shows and include whatever-that-is in your story. imdb.com I love BBC … Continue reading

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How a Celtic Warrior Queen Snuck into Harry Potter’s World (Yes, I know ‘snuck’ isn’t a word, but ‘sneaked’ just sounds lame. Also, I needed a reason to shoot for the longest blog title in history. Eat that!)

currently playing on my iPod: Easy on the Eye by Trashcan Sinatras (acoustic album) Boudicca totally wiggled her way into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Who is Boudicca? Oh, she’s this historical figure turned folklore superhero. Back when the Romans and … Continue reading

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In Love With A Story: The Finale

currently playing on my iPod: New York by Snow Patrol What makes readers fall for a book? We’ve talked characters. They need to be complex, true, relatable. Readers like to see conflict within their personalities. Characters are another exciting puzzle … Continue reading

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