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Worldbuilding: Create a Historical Background

currently playing on my laptop: Cruel World by Phantogram Recently, Tehlor Kinney (@tehlorkay) tweeted about the importance of worldbuilding with careful consideration to the background on such cultural topics as food, clothing, and so forth. It was a great thread … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding Info Sheet for Writers

currently playing on my laptop: Unsteady by X Ambassadors Happy Sunday, all!! I made something for you! When you sketch out a new setting for a fantasy novel, you may want to get the nitty gritties down on paper. These … Continue reading

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Recharge Your Love of Life

currently playing on my laptop: Valar Morghulis by Ramin Djawadi My purpose today is to reenergize, inspire, and fill you up with loads of cool and beautiful things. Whether you write, draw, paint, design, play music, sing, or scribble next … Continue reading

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