Fate of Dragons Characters: Meet Vahly

now playing on my laptop: Brennistein by Sigur Rós

It’s time to meet our hero!!!

Raised by dragons, Vahly is the last surviving human. She bears a Blackwater mark between her eyebrows—a shimmering oval that represents the origin of creation and magic in this world. She should be very powerful, but she has no magic at all.

Life, amirite?

Vahly loves a good game of dice at the cider house. She is a bit like Han Solo in that she tends to be reckless and not take things too seriously.

Well, the dragons and the elves need her to wake her dormant powers to save them all.

It’s not going to be easy.

Check out this graphic my designer made for Vahly of the Earth.

Fate of Dragons, Dragons Rising Book One, releases April 3rd!!! Woo hoo!!!

They longed for a savior. Instead, they found me.-3

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