Fate of Dragons Characters: Meet Nix

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Bring out the dragonsssssssss

Oh yeah.

All my life I’ve wanted to write a dragon series and finally I DID IT.

Want meet one of my favorite dragons in my upcoming book, FATE OF DRAGONS, Dragons Rising Book One?

‘Course ya do.

Meet Nix.

Not surprising, she loves gold.

Nix refuses to join any dragon clan and instead runs her own network of spies and smugglers. All the dragons in my upcoming series have dragonfire. It is far more powerful than your basic fire. Greek fire inspired that bit of worldbuilding. 

She can shift from her full dragon form into a human-like form with scaled skin and smaller wings.

Nix is saucy and every dragon at the local cider house adores her.

Check out a graphic my designer created for Nix.

Copy of They longed for a savior. Instead, they found me.-3

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