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Hey there! I recently released FOREST OF SILVER AND SECRETS inside the Uncommon World bundle and I thought I’d share a non-spoiler snippet today. 🙂

FoSaS-Final300 gold

So far, the reviews have been fantastic. I’m simply thrilled. This novel features trees that come to life, a new and tempting romance, and plenty of humor and thrills. Early readers have said it would be great for fans of Brandon Sanderson, Leigh Bardugo, JRR Tolkien, and many more fantasy authors that I respect with my whole heart. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is Kinneret, your favorite fierce sailor and salt witch, back again and ready for action!

The pewter clouds swung low and balled like fists as Kinneret turned the stubborn wheel, the wood smooth under her calloused hands. She wished to let the ship go where it may, let the storm have them for a bit to keep damage down, but there was no time for that. They had to be at the main Silvanian port before the most powerful merchants went off for their seasonal hunts along the northern coasts and the Northern Isle folk sailed back into their foreboding region. The Silvanian king would leave for his country estate very soon.

Wind whipped Kinneret’s hair around her face. Salty water dripped into her mouth. “Sails down. Tie them up. The wind will take them and we’ll be headed under.”

Calev and five fighting sailors battled the jib sail’s tie. Its end cracked across the deck like a great whip, then circled back. Against the ship’s side, it snapped and tripped two sailors who landed hard on the planks. That jib sail needed to come down. Now.

The reedy man in the sky cup climbed down the main mast and hurried to help another sailor knot the lines securing the foresail. Thunder echoed across the unending horizon. A school of fish rippled beneath the waters’ surface.

From the stern, Oron gave Kinneret a nod. It was time for Salt Magic. Though the magic never worked as well outside the Pass’s cursed waters, it was worth a try.

“Take the wheel, Ridhima.”

The woman slid into place, long-fingered hands curling over the indents where Kinneret’s had just been.

“Watch it, kaptan!” Calev shouted.

The jib sail’s line zipped over Kinneret’s head. She ducked. Calev leapt and snagged the tie right out of the air.

Water chilled Kinneret’s feet through the spaces in her sandals. The soft, leather bag of salt on her sash was full and ready. She drew out a handful and threw it above her head. The storm snarled like an angry desert lion and swallowed her offering whole.

Wind and rain,

Strength and pain,

Sea, I hear you,

Sea, I see you.

Sail and dodge,

Push and pull,

Sea, hear me,

Sea, hear me.”

The wind sounded different here, storm or no storm. They’d left the Pass now and this stretch of water felt like a stranger, one with a familiar face, but a foreign voice.

A wave reached high and crashed against the jib sail. The ship moaned.

Oron shouted through the open door that led below deck. “All hands! On deck now!”

Sailors streamed onto the deck, some half-dressed with just one boot or missing a shirt.

Oron grabbed the two closest. “Forget tying. Just cut the jib loose. Now!”

They rushed across the deck toward the sail at the bow, pulling knives from their sashes. Everyone else clutched onto posts or the masts. Two sailors lashed down the sealed barrels of Old Farm’s finest wheat heads—they’d kept that part of the load above deck to watch for mice. Calev and Oron tied themselves and several others to the main mast.

Raindrops thickened into a deluge. Water drummed onto the decking and soaked Kinneret through. The Salt Magic had to work. She was not about to die from a storm at sea after all she’d been through. No. Even if they were out of the main waters of the Pass and far from where her magic thrived.

Lightning flared from above. A crack sounded, and all heads turned toward the sky cup. A jagged line marred the foresail mast, but the support held. If that mast broke, it would come down on the sailors like a giant hammer and most likely punch a mean hole in the ship. Kinneret gripped a post and clung on, her heart hammering. Shouts and prayers rose from most mouths, from Calev, Oron, and the others tied to the neighboring mast. The sea growled and raised a gray-brown hand to strike again.

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