Believable Writing: The Texture of a Place

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Hello writers and readers!

Do you ever find yourself reading an especially awesome book and realize you FEEL like you are ACTUALLY there?


Usually, that’s due to scene details.

The author perks up all of your senses with the smell of the sweating horses, the cold water splashed on the neck, or the taste of a salty, pistachio cookie. They bring you the TEXTURE of a place.

Here is an example.

What did Rome feel like to me the first time I visited?

Air heavy with history. Spicy. Well-worn stone and bird wings fluttering. A cacophony of laughter and shouts. Engines roaring and a cool wind through aromatic cedars. Red wine dancing over the tongue.

That, to me, is Rome.

When you read, hopefully the author knows the setting. Maybe they have been there or, if it is purely in the imagination, they have lived in that place in their mind for so long, it feels truly real to them. They will bring the texture of the world to you through the senses. Specific and strong. 

Have you read a book that gave you the texture of a setting?

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