Bucket List for Writers

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Do you have a bucket list—a bunch of things you must do before you kick the bucket?

I do. I revise it each year on New Year’s Eve by the fire.

But I also think I need a Writers Bucket List. There are just certain things I really NEED to do because I’ve researched them and just cannot stand the idea of never doing those activities IRL.

  1. I practice archery and I used to ride, but I’ve never shot an arrow from horseback. Must do. (It’d be a plus if I do it in Turkey or Iran or somewhere I haven’t been)


2. How about nosing around Iceland? Yes please. It has such a dramatic landscape!


3. Dog sled!!!! How cool (literally and figuratively) would this be?!


4. I have such a longing to eat my way through a German Christmas market!


5. And I MUST see Egypt. My uncle went there years ago and I can’t stop hating him a little bit for not taking me.


What is on your bucket list???

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2 Responses to Bucket List for Writers

  1. Tread where ever the Viking dared to step: Daneland; Netherlands; Normandy; Spain; Baltic states; Scandinavia; Iceland; Greenland; and Vinland.

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