My Favorite Weapons

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Well I should begin this post with Wit as #1 fave weapon to fight the darkness, the baddies, the foul-intentioned fools of this world. But if I’m honest I really love a nice, big stick.



I’ve trained with a bo staff and a set of escrima too. Love them. Sticks are light (if you get the right size) and make almost any movement possible. They aren’t fussy. Don’t require much care or attention. They pack a great punch and I know for sure I would give any evil one some real trouble if he/she tried to get at me when I had a stick in my hand. Plus you look like a badass when you spin and strike. 

Another favorite is archery. I LOVE a beautiful, wooden recurve bow and arrows with gorgeous fletching. I’m not that great at it, but I’m okay when my dumb shoulder and elbow allow me to practice. (getting old ain’t for sissies) I love using a weapon that Legolas approves of. I mean, c’mon.


I also truly enjoy the Chinese broadsword. It’s so shiny and flashy and could do some serious bad guy damage if push came to shove.


What weapons do you like in your life and in the books you read?

(PSA: Kids, don’t play around with stuff. Use that good head you have and get the proper training and safety courses. You will not look badass if you chop your own foot off.)

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