Truth in Fantasy: How A Court of Mist and Fury Changed my Thinking

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I stumbled onto a blog post by one Mitta Thakrar and now I can’t stop smiling. She detailed how she used to really like (I’m totally paraphrasing) Edward Cullen (Twilight’s vampire guy) and his protectiveness, but Sarah J Maas’ A Court of Mist and Fury changed all that. I couldn’t agree more!!!

***spoilers abound below so beware***


The main character in A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury, and A Court of Wings and Ruin by Maas is a young woman named Feyre, who in the first book falls for your typical fantasy alpha male—Tamlin. He isn’t bad or anything. Just a super protective fae character. I’ve liked those kind of boys in my fantasy. I’ll freely admit it. It can be okay. IF it doesn’t go too far. IF it doesn’t inhibit the female character/partner/friend. After all, Tamlin is kind of who she needs for a while because of what’s going on. But this guy’s protectiveness morphs in to a nasty brand of abuse masked by what he claims is love. When the Lord of the Night Court nabs Feyre (she called out for help and the frustration and depression shown is spot on IMHO), Feyre learns what type of behavior she should expect from a man. Rhysand, the Night Court High Lord, tells her everything she does is her choice. Always. It was such a beautiful, poignant moment in fantasy for me as a reader. As a woman. Really, Mitta explains it so beautifully in her blog post HERE.  I’m just going to point you to that because it is an amazing post.

Thank you, Mitta, for sharing your thoughts. Thank you, Sarah J Maas, for sharing such a raw story full of truth.

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2 Responses to Truth in Fantasy: How A Court of Mist and Fury Changed my Thinking

  1. Mitta Thakrar says:

    Hi. omg I love you haha I don’t know how I found this but thank you.

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