Day in the Life of an Author: Summertime

*currently playing in my ears: Growing up Londinium by Daniel Pemberton * currently reading: a friend’s fantasy manuscript because my life is pretty great*


(Above right: what most see Above left: what writers see)

My family and I drove a billion miles to Florida to enjoy some beach time this past week. For an author, vacation is a beautiful, dangerous beast she must wrangle into submission.

Because the work can’t really just stop.

I had to release a book during vacation because of some health stuff I’m going to have to deal with later and also because of promotion opportunities. So instead of slothing in the sand 24/7, I escaped into the dark of my assigned beach house room and posted promotional thingies on Twitter, IG, and Facebook. I answered reader and blogger emails and messages.


That is the Vacation Beast. She will charm you and confuse you if you don’t keep to a plan. One day, she’ll give your kids the magical ability to play happily in the waves and bless your brain with the plot you’ve been praying for. The next day, she’ll put one side of your heart on the beach with your family and stretch the other half over to the page of character notes you made on the drive down.

I suppose I need to do a better job planning, but sometimes when opportunity knocks and it’s your first rodeo, you just have to take the ride and deal with the wonderful, heart-ripping aftereffects.

Do you work at all during your own vacations? How does that look in your life? Any tips you can share with us?

***You MUST go watch this fab chicken pool party video because it is the total and complete best. ***

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