Six New Fantasy Books You Need In Your Life

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I promise on the grave of the best cat ever (Maximus Decimus Meridius, may he rest in peace) that a SUPER AWESOME JAPAN POST is coming soon.

But for now, I need to talk books because I released my first novel today and so did some of my author pals!!!

Here are our SIX books, the summaries, and a few fun Q and A doothingies so you get to know us!  Hope you enjoy!


Waters of Salt and Sin, by Alisha Klapheke, (hey I’ve heard of her!) combines the epic setting of Game of Thrones with the humor and romance of Pirates of the Caribbean. 


Set in a lush, high-fantasy world inspired by ancient Mediterranean cultures, Waters of Salt and Sin is perfect for Sabaa Tahir fans. 

When seventeen-year-old salt witch Kinneret learns of a lost island of silver, she sets out to find it, raise her status, and finally have a chance to wed Calev, the high-caste friend she secretly loves. But when a madman enslaves her sister, Kinneret must make a deal with the local ruler: Find the island to secure the ruler’s place in history. In return, the woman’s fighting sailors will rescue Kinneret’s sister.

Using Salt Magic to navigate cursed waters, Kinneret and Calev struggle to hide their taboo, caste-breaking feelings, knowing if the ruler witnesses the attraction, she will cancel the agreement. But when Calev makes a terrible mistake, Kinneret must choose between the life of her only remaining family member and saving the boy she loves from a traitor’s death.

What inspired you to write this story?

Alisha: I had a dream about it! How cliche… haha

Do you plan to write more in this series?

Alisha: Yes! I already have a novella following this up for pre-order, a second full-length novel drafted, and two more in the works.

If your main character walked into a modern-day ice cream shop, what flavor would he/she order?

Alisha: Pistachio for sure because it’s rad (no, kids, I won’t stop using my stupid eighties words)

If your main character could pick one song to listen to for the rest of his/her days, what would he/she choose?

Alisha: Bad Girls by M.I.A. (not that she is necessarily BAD, she just doesn’t follow lame rules)

Do you have a quote from your book you’d like to share?

Alisha: “I was steel made in the fire, hard and strong, but quiet until the sharp edge was needed.”

*****BOOK TWO!*****

Split, by Alicia Rades, is a romance with psychics and alternate realities. Sounds fantastic. 


When your heart belongs to two men, your only choice is to split it.

Maddie Rose’s heart belongs to two men: Aaron, the football player who always makes her laugh, and Logan, the musician who makes her feel safe and comfortable. The boys are done competing for her attention. She must choose one by the end of the summer or end up alone.

To help her decide, Maddie’s friend drags her to a psychic, who promises she can end up with both boys. A single decision will split her heart in two. Now unknowingly living in two alternate realities, one where she chose Aaron and one where she chose Logan, Maddie’s still not sure she made the right choice. But should she change her mind, there’s a chance she’ll lose them both.

What inspired you to write this story?

Alicia: This story came from a simple question: “What’s one desire I had as a teen?” I thought if I could pinpoint something that teens dream about, I could connect with them in my fiction. That let me to think about times when I’d been torn between two guys, and the answer was simple: When your heart belongs to two men, your only choice is to split it. Then Split was born.

Do you plan to write more in this series?

Alicia: Nope. This one’s a standalone.  🙂

If your main character walked into a modern-day ice cream shop, what flavor would he/she order?

Alicia: She actually does this in the book, and she orders a chocolate chip cookie dough waffle cone!

If your main character could pick one song to listen to for the rest of his/her days, what would he/she choose?

Alicia: Maddie would choose the first song Logan sang to her–an original.

Do you have a quote from your book you’d like to share?

Alicia: ”Logan went left while Aaron headed right, and in that moment, my heart split in two.”

*****BOOK THREE!*****

E.M. Rinaldi’s Hiding Till Dawn is out this month too! With mystical kingdoms and revenge, it will be a serious page-turner. 


Destiny is unrelenting. It will come for you, and when it does there is no escaping it; something Casey knows firsthand. On the run from the dean and his ever loyal Imperial Guardians; Casey, Cedric, and Falon must put their trust in the most unlikely of allies. Their search for help will lead them across the country, into enemy territories and mystical kingdoms alike.

With a prophecy over her head, it is ultimately up to Casey to bring her world back to order. But for that to happen, the corrupted officials who govern her world must be stopped. New friends and old will align to bring back the peace, by force if necessary. And first on their list? The dean.

Casey hasn’t forgotten the torment she suffered at his hand, and the nightmares are far from over. Can she eradicate this threat and help save her world? Or will she fall to the pressure of her fate?

What inspired you to write this one?

E.M.: This story came to me out of the blue one day- I literally just woke up and had these characters trying to claw their way out.

Will there be more books to go with this one?

E.M.: The book will be part of a trilogy (although it might extend to 4 books) called The Cross Chronicles. All the books will involve the same characters but my character Falon will have her own spin-off series after.

If your main character walked into an ice-cream shop, what flavor would he/she order?

E.M.: Chocolate. Casey will always order chocolate.

If your main character could pick one song to listen to for the rest of his/her days, what would he/she choose?

E.M.: Honestly not too sure of what song she would listen to, she loves all genres and never has a favorite for long before a new one takes its place.

Do you have a quote from your book you’d like to share?

E.M.: ”I would darken the rest of my soul if it meant never being captured again.”
*****BOOK FOUR!*****

Olivia Wildenstein’s Native American fantasy, Rose Petal Graves, is finally here too! 



Founded two centuries ago by a powerful tribe of Gottwa Indians, Rowan was a quiet town, so quiet that I fled after graduation. Staying away was the plan, but Mom died suddenly.

Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals.

As we made preparations for Mom’s burial, new people began arriving in Rowan, unnervingly handsome and odd people. I begged them to leave, but they stayed, because their enemies—my ancestors—were beginning to awaken.

What inspired this story?

Olivia: I’ve always had a fascination with the Native American way of life, their connection to nature, the importance of a tribe. I mixed in some modernized faerie folklore, and voila…Rose Petal Graves was born.

Will there be more books to go with Rose Petal Graves?

Olivia: This is the first of many in a series. Each book will pick up where the last one left off, and include the same characters, but their motivations and alliances will change, as will their world as Catori, my main character, will journey to Neverra–by choice or against her will (you will have to read on to find out).

If your character visited a modern-day ice-cream shop, what would he/she order?

Olivia: Cat (Catori) would get strawberry ice cream.

If your main character could pick one song to listen to for the rest of his/her days, what would he/she choose?

Olivia: She would listen to ARIZONA’s Ocean’s Away.

Do you have a quote from your book you’d like to share?

Olivia: He pumped his fist against his heart. “You have awoken me.” He pumped his fist again. “All of me.”

*****BOOK FIVE!*****

Kristin D. Van Risseghem’s Arrows and Angels came out March 31st and looks amazing. 

Arrows and Angels by Kristin D Van Risseghem

Kieran’s job of being a guardian angel is straightforward: observe and learn—and don’t intervene in their lives. But then he watches as his first charge dies at the hands of evil while he does nothing to help.

Overcome with grief and doubt, Kieran flees back to the safety of heaven. With guidance from his mentor, he learns all he can about the Battle of the Fallen and the creation of evil itself. With renewed determination, he vows he will save the Ordinaries in his care.

The rules of being a guardian angel have not changed, but Kieran has. Returning to earth, only Kieran knows how essential it is to find and protect one 17-year-old girl. The girl who can thwart the Devil’s escape from his prison and the start of Armageddon.

What inspired you to write this story?

Kristin: It started with another supporting character, Sidelle – she’s the Summer Fairy. Their paths cross in the main series and I wanted to share how they met earlier. Plus, I wanted to give the readers a better understanding of who Kieran is and how he became the bossy, guardian angel many readers grew to love.

Do you plan to write more in this series?

Kristin: Yes, I have one more book to write in the main series and then possibly some other spin off books about the supporting characters.

Will the next books involve the same characters or are they standalones in the same world?

Kristin: The next book is the last in the main series and yes, Kieran does appear in there, too.

If your main character walked into a modern-day ice cream shop, what flavor would he/she order?

Kristin: Rocky Road

If your main character could pick one song to listen to for the rest of his/her days, what would he/she choose?

Kristin: Drive By by Train

Do you have a quote from your book you’d like to share?

Kristin: “Zoe, you don’t ever have to worry about being alone.” I watched as big tears fell from her brown eyes. It pained my heart.
*****BOOK SIX!*****

The next book in the Shifter Prophecy series, Den of Wolves, by Megan Linski, is out now! Filled with vampire princesses and wolves, this one is going to be good. 


What if your worst enemy is your true love?

Exiled from her coven and torn from the arms of her lover, werewolf prince Lisar, vampire princess Lysandra Romanova-Dracula is lost in the woods of Romania, searching for the elusive location of the mysterious den of wolves. After being separated from Lisar, Lysandra made a pact; find him, and his pack, or die trying.

But she doesn’t find the wolves. The wolves find her. After Lisar pleads for her life, the Alpha makes Lysandra a fragile bargain. If she becomes one of them, she will be allowed to live with her beloved Lisar in peace. Fail to do so, and her execution is imminent.

When shifters are found murdered within pack boundaries, shredded to pieces by a monster hiding in the shadows, Lysandra becomes a prime suspect. Caught in a dangerous game where one misstep could become fatal, Lysandra has to prove her innocence, and solve the mystery of who has betrayed the pack without becoming a victim herself.

Will Lysandra peer through the darkness to see the traitor in plain sight? Or is her love story with Lisar due for a tragic end?

A retelling of the legend of Princess Anastasia, Den of Wolves combines action, adventure and romance into one thrilling read that speeds to an end you’ll never see coming. This heartbreaking paranormal young adult romance is sure to have readers falling for the next installment in bestselling author Megan Linski’s Shifter Prophecy series.

What inspired the story?

Megan:  The fans! They loved my paranormal romance Alora and wanted another shifter novel to devour, this time, one with vampires!

Is it part of a series?

Megan: Yes! Den of Wolves is book #2 in The Shifter Prophecy series. #1, Court of Vampires, was published by Kindle Press and is currently on sale.

What flavor of ice cream would your main character order?

Megan: Mint chocolate chip and butter pecan, with a candy-blood topping (hey, she is a vampire!)

What song would they listen to?

Megan: In The Name of Love by Bebe Rexha

SO THAT’S THE SHOW! I hope you enjoy these gorgeous fantasies!!! Have a great day!

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