Day in the Life of a Hybrid Author

currently playing on my phone: Compass by Zella Day

I thought I’d share what I’m up to today as a hybrid author! It’s a wild, busy ride, let me tell you.


Today I:

  1. Wrote a scene for the Sci Fi I’m going to sub with my agent sometime this year if all goes according to plan
  2. Sent Waters of Salt and Sin (my fantasy that comes out April 4th) swag (stickers and mini cards this time) to some of my Release Team
  3. Emailed the eARC (advanced reading copy) of my novella (follows the above mentioned fantasy) to a BETA reader (she’ll read through and give me thoughts and spot typos)
  4. Listened to my playlist for the fantasy



5. Compiled some songs for the novella playlist because music is life


6. Went for a run ’cause I want to be healthy enough to jump on the trampoline with my kids forever

7. Ignored the fact that the numbering is coming out weird on this post

8. Checked that I have enough clothing for my upcoming trip to Japan and thought a lot about Japanese pirates


9. Read some more of Truthwitch by Susan Dennard 

10. Downloaded some podcasts to listen to on the plane (Hidden Brain, SFF Marketing Podcast, Essay)

11. Collapsed on the floor

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