What to Pack: Traveling Abroad

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I’m a complete travelholic. My living room sports the couch I bought in college and I’m wearing a Victoria’s Secret Pink shirt from the nineties—all so I can afford to spread my wings and fly.


Soon I’ll be off to Japan to ride the bullet train, eat bizarre seafood, soak in the art and landscape, find quiet in a shrine, and sneak around ninja castles. Sooooo excited!

To keep travel simple and headache-free, I only take a sling pack (aka tough purse) and a backpack. Why? you ask. Well, because once upon a time, lovelies, I traveled to Munich and the airline lost my luggage. I wore the same sweater for five days before they returned it. To get it back, I had to try to speak German, and sometimes French, to the nice woman at the airline. It was a hassle. And it was the last time I checked baggage.

I’ve never looked back. Now I just stroll right on off the plane and into the taxi. No worries. I walk casually down the cobblestone streets of Rome without having to haul a monstrosity of a suitcase. Those wheeled fellas totally disrupt the beauty of Venice. (I’ve heard they actually outlawed them, but that may be urban legend.) Steps to a hidden little hotel in the perfect place are no biggie. I feel light and happy and non-obnoxious. It’s wonderful.

What do I pack?

*a small bottle of Woolite to hand wash stuff in the sink

*clothes that can all be layered and worn together (mainly grays and blacks and purples)

*only the absolute necessities for skin care (you won’t die giving all that up for 8 days)

*PJs that are thin and easy to roll up

*one paperback book

*a deck of cards

*a small writing notebook and pen

*(for Japan) thin flip flops for going in and out of places without shoes

*only the necessary cards/IDs and not the entire bloated wallet

*a small brush (hotels will usually have everything else your hair needs–don’t be picky)

*my phone of course

And that’s it. Try it on your next adventure and you’ll feel free as the fabulous bird you are.


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