Day in the Scary Life of an Author

currently playing on my laptop: Winter Bird by Aurora

If you’re a writer, does your day look like mine? If you aren’t, is this what you expected?

My Sunday went like so:

*wake up from crazy-clear dream about new book idea and can’t concentrate on what daughter is telling you about her ipod


*notice woman at breakfast buffet who looks like one of your characters and you have to apologize for staring at her hair

*driving home from funeral and thinking about how funeral practices vary in your fantasy novels, then feeling bad about that train of thought

*still driving home and writing 1500 words on a novella (short novel at about 20k) to follow a big, fat novel


*still, still driving home, hoping husband doesn’t ask you to drive because you actually are in the zone and wrote 500 on a free giveaway prequel for your upcoming series

*asking your kids to help you decide on book cover details and laughing with them at their fascinating thought processes (I love kids.)


*telling your husband nitty-gritty details about your new plotline and realizing you need to put on the brakes because he is only being kind and patient and doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about because you gave it zero context

*getting home and giving kids cereal for dinner so you can write a blog post and update your Pinterest

*heading to writer friends’ house to drink things and watch things and breathe


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2 Responses to Day in the Scary Life of an Author

  1. Akaluv says:

    Lol, some of my days are like this, and some days aren’t. However, my story ideas are already in my head. I feel like I’m always day dreaming haha

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