How Not to Die from Social Media in Six Steps

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I am a high-strung lady. It’s how I get stuff done, y’all. BUT I have to watch my actions or I’ll obsess over every little thing everyone I’ve ever met has ever ever ever said. The last few weeks have been…shall we say, horribleroughfrighteningpleaseletthisendnow? Yeah. So here is how I managed not to die from social media.

  1. Set a time limit. Use a timer or just keep an eye on the clock for maybe five minutes. That’s it. No more. You’ll get sucked in, I’m telling you.
  2. Have your post ready. You don’t want to lose all you’ve worked for, all those happy followers who look to you for whatever your into. Travel pics, cat jokes, writerly info, motivation—whatever the focus of your timeline, have your link/pic/words prepped so you can post and dash.
  3. Post and dash. Slap your stuff on that site and run away. You’re doing your part, contributing what you choose, but not getting mired into the part of social media that drains your soul and makes you want to smash things repeatedly.
  4. Maybe check a tiny, weensy friend list on Twitter or whatever site you’re on. If you have a list or some such system in place that includes your close pals or industry leaders you wish to emulate and fangirl over, you can fave them or reply, and then you can run for the hills.
  5. Once your time is up, get away from the device you’re using. Like physically go away. Walk outside. Pet your cat. Do laundry. Write a scene on real paper. Whatever you want. Just get the heck away from the electronics.
  6. Picture the three moments in your life when you were super dee duper grateful. (this is a Tony Robbins thing) Remember those three moments as clearly as you can and sort of relive them. Remember: those things are what is important. Not everyone yelling at one another. Friendships. Day to day, in person exchanges. Bittersweet life.

Good luck, my friends and followers.


You are amazing. I care about you. No matter what. We are complicated creatures and we need to care for our complicated minds and hearts and souls.

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