#amrevising: My Favorite Techniques

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Are you revising? Me too! 


Yeah so it can be tough. Verra (use Jamie Fraser voice) tough, sassenach.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get to the root of my characters and my story.

  1. Rewrite a chapter or three in a different point of view to SEE more.

*if you write in 1st, change it to 3rd

*if it’s from her POV, put it in his and so forth

*write the same scene from totally outside character

2. Read, then type out a page from your favorite book in the genre you’re writing in. Next, write a scene of yours below it. Compare and get to work.

3. When rereading your first draft, pause before each chapter and jot down what should happen next—what you’re expecting. Compare your note to what you wrote and it’s pretty easy to see if you were just indulging yourself on pretty things or you jumped to an odd place.

4. Remember that your first draft is just you discovering your story. Stop clinging to it like Rose near the iceburg. Let it go, Elsa-style. Okay, I’ll stop. Sorry.

Now shed that sloth persona, find your inner Kiki determination, and get to work!


Good luck!



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