Yurt: A Home Far Prettier Than It Sounds

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When you research history and cultures to write a deeply escapist fantasy, you come across cool things. Some stick with you more than others. For me, one of these sticky discoveries is the yurt. The collapsable homes, used by nomads in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, seem so cozy. And exotic. They’re made of wooden slats, then covered in felted wool. 



See? It has a skylight and everything. C’mon. You know that looks so fabulous.

Yurta 2


This cut out illustration shows how the cooking fire works with the smoke coming out of the top. Do you see the latticed woodwork?


Kazakh jurt dtc-wsuv.org

So who is with me? Let’s go build some yurts!

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2 Responses to Yurt: A Home Far Prettier Than It Sounds

  1. jrose88 says:

    I saw a Tiny House show with a yurt in it once. It was amazing. I’d live in one.

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