Don’t Stress Out, Writers

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First off, I’m sorry for the late posting. I’m trying to post every Sunday evening, but yesterday was both Father’s Day here in the US and also my wedding anniversary. 🙂


This is so meta. I’m stressing, so I’m going to give you ways to relieve stress. It’ll help me. I swear it will. 


A little pressure can be great to light the fire under us and get us working, but stress that freezes you up is no good. Here are some ways I’ll combat my I-have-so-much-to-do-and-I-do-not-know-where-to-start.

  1. Make a list Lists are THE BEST. Write just three things you’d like to accomplish today. Order them according to priority and give them an appointment time. Stick to that action like you do for those appointments where you’ll have to pay the person even if you don’t show up.
  2. Take three yoga-style lion breaths Your body is like a machine. The heat under your skin and the sweat on your lip is your machine going wonky because of your mindset. Don’t throw out simple fixes like this. You change your oil, right? Well, switch out your body’s stress tank. Breathe deep through the nose, filling your lungs, your hips, your arms and legs. Breathe out strong and hard like a bad ass lion. Three times, baby. Just do it.
  3. For one minute, imagine you on your deathbed No, really. What is important on your virtual deathbed? That dirty countertop? Doubt it. Remember when your work day is finished, you still have that friend/family/alone time/nature/God/cat/dog/hedgehog to enjoy. This one is kind of a This too shall pass type of deal.


I hope this helps you! It definitely helped me, so thanks for being a part of that. You are a bad ass lion.

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