Why You Should Pay Attention to Fan Art

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I LOVE fan art inspired by my favorite reads. But in addition to simply enjoying the beauty of the sketches, paintings, photographs, and more, I value what the pieces show about the fan.


Which characters grabbed them. What elements of those characters appealed to them. If the fan saw romance where I missed it. If the fan noticed a connection I ignored. Did the reader see fear where I saw arrogance? How about the way they hold themselves or even their weapon. How they wear their clothing or uniform. What is the pivotal point in the story according to the fan?


Fan art shows us writers what people love about their favorite stories and that is very valuable. We must endeavor to make our own characters shine in readers’ eyes.


(For me, the characters shown are Sophia from ROOK, Kell from A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, Po from GRACELING, Lorelai from THE SHADOW QUEEN, Arin from THE WINNER’S CURSE, Elisa from GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS, Gansey from THE RAVEN BOYS, and Sean and Puck from THE SCORPIO RACES.)

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4 Responses to Why You Should Pay Attention to Fan Art

  1. Fan art, I just adore it. There are so many gifted artists out there! I can only imagine how touched authors must be when they encounter fan art for characters they’ve created.

    • Artists like this amaze me. My mother is one. And yes, friends who are published (both indie and trad) just gush about their fan art. It’s a beautiful relationship. When I at last release some of my stories, I hope some readers grace me with fan art!! *dreaming and drooling*

  2. KC Rivers says:

    I LOVE the idea of fanart. Not just because I happen to be an artist myself, but because I would consider it one of the highest compliments out there if someone was actually inspired enough by one of my characters to draw them. I really hope that my books get popular enough for me to see some fanart of my characters in the future. It would just be awesome. (I’d draw them myself, but I am absolute rubbish without a model of some sort, and I really haven’t mastered color yet. *sigh*)

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