Flesh Out Your Fantasy World with Idioms

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Every country has their own set of idioms—plucky ways to explain common situations. If you create a new world, the inhabitants should have their own way of communicating through metaphoric language. Take a look at the examples below and when you finish snort-laughing, you’ll realize they speak to the people’s environment, foods, domesticated and wild animals, the culture’s ideals, their sense of humor.


*To feed the donkey sponge cake—Portuguese—treating someone nicely when they don’t really deserve it

*No cows on the ice—Swedish—there is nothing to worry about

*Slid in on a shrimp sandwich—Swedish—got in without doing the work

*Give someone pumpkins—Spanish—to reject someone

*A cat’s jump—German—a short distance

*Into the wolf’s mouth—Italian—good luck (guess they don’t think it’s a wise move!)

*God gives nuts to the man with no teeth—Arabic—highlighting the irony of life

*I’m not hanging noodles on your ears—Russian—I’m not lying to you

*To reheat cabbage—Italian—rekindling a past love

*An ant milker—Arabic—a miser

*Give it to someone with cheese—Spanish—to trick or deceive someone

*Squeezer of limes—Hindu—someone who invites themselves over and stays too long

*A camel cannot see its own hump—Arabic—equivalent to America’s pot calling the kettle black—you see someone else’s flaw, but are blind to your own


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