Ignore Your Happy and Face the Consequences

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I’ve heard loads of people say things like “Make your life what you want it to be” and “If you hate your job, quit and do something else” and so on.

Well, with a family and bills to pay, that isn’t always possible. At least not immediately.


But I do think there is great value in noticing what feeds your soul and sucks it dry.

I’ll give you an example. I love trees. For me, a massive oak is the ultimate work of art. Now, I’m not going to go into being a park ranger, but I can be sure to take weekly hikes. It fuels me. Gives me the energy to smile after a hectic day.


What revives you? What makes you happy?

And on the other side of things, what stresses you? What drains you?

I suggest making a list and seeing what you can do to avoid the soul-suckers and increase the time spent doing/enjoying the soul-feeders.

Here are one of my lists in case you’re curious. 🙂

my family and playing games   arrange a game night once a week
art   visit the museum once a quarter, repost pieces on SM
outdoors   twice weekly walks/hikes
candles   have one at my desk, at the kitchen sink, on my nightstand
queso with friends   make it happen once a month
creating   write every day in a quiet place
brainstorming   use Pinterest, talk with friends about book covers, plots
lists   doing it right now ha ha
archery   practicing in my yard on weekends
yoga   every other day even if it’s just a ten minute situation
festivals   Main Street Festival in my hometown and the Ren Faire
being my own boss   still working toward this
travel   overseas trip every other year
music   gleaning new stuff from our indie station
reading   reading a book that is purely for fun each night before bed
alone time   an hour a week away from family and friends
history  museums, articles, hist-inspired TV

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