Podcasts and Publishing: Don’t Miss the Nuggets of Awesome

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Ladies and gentlemen in all walks of Making the Books!

If you aren’t delving into the world of podcasts, you are missing out on inspiration from experienced authors, advice from people who write for a living (!), and the cry-laughs that come from hearing life stories that mimic the same fantastic crap you deal with every day.

Here are my current faves and why I love them:

Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn

Ms. Penn’s personality is sweet and spicy, and she is a history nut like me. So obviously, I adore her. She talks about traveling to far flung and spooky spots to research. Her interviews include industry giants and up-and-comers. Some are traditional, most are self published, and many have gone hybrid (which still sounds like an urban fantasy disease—demon pox, anyone?).

Bryan Cohen and Jim Kukral’s Sell More Books Show

I’ve only listened to two of these, but I already added it to my favorites list. These fellows are ON IT with regards to publishing news. Don’t let the (IMHO) icky title put you off. Mr. Cohen and Mr. Kukral are open and honest and have a refreshing take on marketing and loving the publishing life.

Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Dan Wells’ Writing Excuses

Laini Taylor (DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE and generally punch-me-in-the-face she is so danged creative author) mentioned this podcast on Twitter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Heavy on craft (pacing, show don’t tell, hooking readers, world building, etc.), this podcast reminds me of things I’ve forgotten and sparks new skills into life.

Give these podcasts a try. I promise you love at least one of them.

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