New Books: What gets us excited?

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Tuesdays are the absolute best.

Each week, we lucky readers are invited into new stories on the traditional launch day and sometimes we can’t stop the fangirling.

But what is it specifically that works us into a frenzy?

For me, the number one squeal inducer is the release of a book that has a setting I’d love to visit. But I’m a setting whore. So. I was pumped for An Ember In The Ashes because the setting was historically inspired. The whole premise oozed mystery and drama and cool, old places to sneak about. Daughter of Smoke and Bone had me jazzed because it begins in Prague, and that place does atmosphere like Benedict Cumberbatch does voices.

Second, I love reading new books from authors I already adore. For example, I can hardly breathe thinking about Deb Harkness’ upcoming novel set in the Tudor period. Her A Discovery of Witches trilogy is one my favorites. The history, the romance, the setting! SIGH.

I’m super impatient to read A Gathering of Shadows (the book after A Darker Shade of Magic), because they released some gorgeous renderings of the characters. Yes, the art has me very, very excited. Another fantasy I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on is The Shadow Queen—also because of art. The cover is divine.


What gets you flailing about when it comes to books?


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1 Response to New Books: What gets us excited?

  1. Keira Drake says:

    “…that place does atmosphere like Benedict Cumberbatch does voices.”


    I’m really excited to read An Ember in the Ashes–I’ve only heard great things about it!! I think what generally gets me most excited about a new book is an interesting premise. I’m definitely a premise person. 🙂

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