Writing Fantasy: Language as Muse

currently playing on my laptop: Resurgam from the Poldark album

I’m in a reflective mood. There won’t be any of my usual joking. I’m all serious and solemn. Flinty clouds color the windows and the occasional wind takes the first of the fall’s leaves. If you’re up for humor, move on. Come back next week and I promise to be my normal, jovial self.

To inspire my writing today, I’m listening to languages that are either completely foreign to me and/or gone from the modern world.

The sounds speak to me of mountains that don’t look like my mountains.


Sparking consonants churn up images of battles born from slights I have difficulty understanding.


When I don’t understand the words, I’m forced to listen to the noises and the reader’s intonation. It’s a different kind of music, stirring emotion and color and scene. 

Here are a few of my favorite clips. Enjoy!

The opening of the Poetic Edda in what I believe is Old Norse

Al-Mutanabi, an Arabic poem (the art is beautiful in this one)

The Wanderer in Anglo-Saxon



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