I Am Story

currently playing on my earbuds: Into the Sun by Bassnectar (I needed something really HAPPENING on this agonizingly hot day)

As both reader and writer, I love analyzing why I get so attached to certain characters. What about them feels true in me? It’s not just the connection that does it for me though. It’s a commonality that raises my chin, slicks a grin over my face, or tightens my throat.

unnamed by carnegriff

I’m going to tweet a handful of these connections—character plus what makes me FEEL them—and hope other readers and writers will take time to think over their own #IamStory. I hope they tweet theirs too, so I can play a sort of Guess the Book with them.

Here are some currently ghosting through my brains. I’ll write the books below so you can guess as you go.

I am Gansey. I believe in magic.

I am Sean. I respect the <wild> in nature.

I am Alina. I can be both light and dark.

I am Arin. I have big, big plans.

I am Sophia. I’m not waiting on anybody to do it for me.

unnamed-2 by thebestfeeling


The Raven Boys, The Scorpio Races, Shadow and Bone, The Winner’s Curse, Rook

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