#AMWRITING Character Inspiration

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A couple weeks back, I frolicked my happy, history nerd self through the hallowed Great Hall at Westminster. While there, I of course allowed my writer brain to wander. I imagined what the characters from my current WIP would do if they were by my side.

The hammer-beam roof is crazy beautiful. Lengths of oak arch across the lofty space and terminate in detailed angel sculptures. The stone walls are marred with age-old cracks and pits. A colonnade of windows invited yellow light to spill over the floor where such legends as William Wallace and Elizabeth I spent some time.


My MC (let’s call her B) immediately wanted to know which ruler ordered the building of the place, how long they reigned, and who ran the place now, and whether or not we could meet him or her.



B’s friend/love interest H, well he went to every plaque and information stand, soaking in the historical detail and humming possible new songs to bring the stories to life.


U, B’s blonde and buxom pal, tried to climb the wall, aiming for the buttresses, and was hauled out for the attempt. She laughed and shouted out that she’d meet us later at the pub.


My MC’s quiet friend, L, stared at the large space and fought tears as her gaze moved the wooden angels. “So much happened here. I wish I’d brought flowers.”

IMG_4060 IMG_4058

What would your characters do if they trailed along on one of your summer trips?

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2 Responses to #AMWRITING Character Inspiration

  1. Daniel Waltz says:

    Mine and I have conversations and just run around doing things, joking, or fighting bad guys. Fun stuff like that usually 😉

    • That is perfect. And I really love the fighting bad guys part. I learn loads about characters “watching” them deal with an attack. Do they go head first into the fray? Are they steely and calm or tentative? Do they work as a team? Fighting really shows personality and priorities for sure. Thanks for your comment!

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