Leigh Bardugo and Parnassus Shenanigans

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On Sunday, Leigh Bardugo visited Parnassus to read an excerpt from her upcoming books Six of Crows. All I can say about that excerpt is—


Heist mayhem. Deep characters. Colorful, and delightfully complex setting based on Amsterdam and Las Vegas. Romance. Magic.

Do you need to hear more? I thought not.

Here are the Six of Crows dice. Awesomeness.


Ms. Bardugo was a delight. Not only did she appropriately squee at my Sturmhond quote homemade t-shirt, she shared her techniques for developing the Ravkan language in The Grisha Trilogy. Adding Russian cognates to Latin roots, she crafted words and phrases that evoked the Russian motherland in our minds, but held to the idea that Ravka was a world all its own that also pulls culturally from places like Hungary and Slovakia.


She mentioned that this next book Six of Crows will not rely as heavily on the culture/language of one or two existing countries. Ms. Bardugo has become rather brave with expanding on the idea of fantasy inspired by reality and will, I’m certain, expertly weave an entirely fresh, exciting culture touching on multiple Western and Eastern ideas and customs from today and long ago.


And to quote The Special, “I’m so pumped up!”



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2 Responses to Leigh Bardugo and Parnassus Shenanigans

  1. Wow. That sounds really, really good! And how cool that you got to go to see her! I love what she said about how she developed her vocabulary, too. That must have taken some serious thought, but it was totally effective.

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