Writing a Main Character Who Is Just SO BAD

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I don’t have buckets of time today. Very soon, I’m once again off to lands far beyond the sea and am wondering where I can get a sheet of butcher paper for my massive to-do list. Anyhoo, I have two historical bad girls that are demanding I write their stories NOW. They are bad. But also good. But mostly bad. So how does one go about writing a naughty main character?

1. Watch Breaking Bad and make good use of the writer’s technique.

To keep Reader from tsking your MC and tossing your book into the trash, you must take Reader through your MC’s downward spiral. If Reader sees the REALISTIC, BELIEVABLE, albeit bad choices, the MC makes, Reader will be much more apt to follow MC down their naughty path. Reader wants to look at MC’s actions and think, “It’s not a good thing to do, but I get why she did it. I might’ve done the same.”

2. Give us some good.

Show MC saving the cat. *If you haven’t read Save the Cat, google that awesomeness and get on it.

3. Plan that ending.

If Reader gets to the end and MC hasn’t learned how to overcome their ugly side, or hasn’t shown how sorry they are that everything went to poo-poo because of their ugly side, Reader will be very unhappy. At least in my genre. (YA Fantasy) You must evaluate your audience and develop an ending that will live up to their expectations regarding good vs. evil.

That’s all I have time for today! I hope this starts you down the path to writing MCs who are SO BAD, they’re good!

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