Don’t Forget the Music: Tunes for Writing and Other Passionate Endeavors

Photo on 4-9-14 at 9.47 AM

currently playing on my iPod: And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop by James McMorrow

Every once in a while, I focus on some tunes that get me writing. Hopefully, these musical posts give other authors new muses and gift my non-writer pals with something fun/scary/relaxing to enjoy.

Twin Atlantic is an up and comer (in the US market anyway) rock/indie band from Scotland. I’m obsessed. The accent. The raw emotion. The energy. Try out their song Free and maybe Crash Land.  Rock/Indie. Gut-wrencher lyrics. Good for emotionally tortured characters.

Elephant Revival blends floating, raspy vocals with mind-blowing skills on a bucket of different instruments. (Can you tell I’m not a musician? I know zero. I just appreciate!) Play their songs Ancient Sea and Breathe. You won’t regret it. Sometimes instrumental. Folksy. Atmospheric. 

Flight Facilities brings club music. I won’t apologize for its obnoxious nature. That’s why I sometimes love it. Why I need it. This stuff will pump you up and get your fingers flying. Take their Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) out for a spin. Clubby, but mysterious. Sexy.

Ioanna Gika‘s Gone is music from history. After she allows a cool old guy to sing a bit, she takes over with the voice of a Celtic goddess. Haunting. Thought-provoking. Vocal.

The Glitch Mob recently released a new album. I love their older stuff. The song Fortune Days intrigues me and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m guessing… Sexy. Strong. Mysterious.

So there you go. Music as muse. Enjoy! Happy Tuesday!

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