Writing Advice You Should Ignore

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Last week at Nashville’s Parnassus Books, Fierce Reads authors, Marie Rutkowski, Anna Banks, Lindsay Smith, and Katie Finn, doled out some advice they think writers should ignore.

Since you have a very busy day, I’ll sum up and paraphrase below.

1. Most of the world says, “Don’t drink and write.”

In between Sasquatch jokes, Anna said writers should. But stick to coffee. Preferably Starbucks.

2. Most of the world says, “Plan, plan, plan.”

Lindsay Smith told us to keep the end in mind, but allow your path to wander on its way there.

3. Most of the world says, “Kill your darlings.”

Tsking, Marie Rutkowski informed writers they should nurture their darlings. After all, if said scene or line excites you, it may please your readers as well.

4. The world says, “Write every day.”

Katie Finn informed us that writers should take days off sometimes to reenergize, but when writing, should indeed set a word count goal or not get up until a scene is complete. “Get to the end of the hallway and see what’s there,” she said. She claimed it will get you back in the writing chair faster the next day.

Writers, ignore some of that advice so freely given around the Interwebs. Follow your gut and enjoy the journey to the completed manuscript. If you don’t, your readers will suffer right along with you.

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