The Old and the New in Edinburgh

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My vibe here is usually loud, fun-loving, full-on history and music geek. Today I feel…reflective. Grab your tea and perfect your knowing nod. Here we go.

When you visit cities long inhabited, the mix of old and new can spark exciting ideas.

Especially if you’re a speculative fiction writer. Neon next to stone. Electricity shining from leaded windows. Trucks doing their best to wiggle down horse paths. It’s a beautiful, fascinating thing.

European cities—and now quite often American ones as well—make lovely efforts to keep the historical buildings and still encourage progress. In Edinburgh, the streets, wynds, closes, and courtyards demonstrate this fun clash of what-used-to-be and what-is-now.

It’s funny. It used to bother me.

On my first visit to Europe, the presence of McDonald’s and sleek, modern hotels in the middle of Paris, irked me to no end. I wanted a pristine historical experience. But now, I see things differently. It’s all a part of our history. It’s who we are as humans. We change. We evolve. It’s in the combination that we see who we are.

Feel free to peruse my own shots of such blended environments and let your imagination run to how the world could have been if this or that had not been invented. Think of what the street or courtyard might look in another one hundred years. Will there be metal signs? How about those vehicles? Will our color preferences change? The maybes are endless and it puts a happy writer’s smile on my face. How about you?







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2 Responses to The Old and the New in Edinburgh

  1. perthians says:

    It still irks me lol

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