Experience Feeds the Writer: Glassblowing

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I’m not the one who said it first, but I’ll repeat all day long.

Experience feeds the writer.

Fresh experiences help you see colors in new ways, notice different sounds, live novel emotions, and so much more. If you hide in the writing cave, your writing will go gray. It will bore your readers. It will read flat, unreal (and not in a good way). It will suck.IMG_1019

So I tried glassblowing.

And it was AWESOME.

The seriously old art spoke to the history geek in me. We used beeswax to keep the jacks (tongs) from burning or breaking the glass. Beeswax. Not some new-fangled dealio. Just beeswax. When my hubs worked on his paperweight, he dipped a heavy, wooden spoon into water to keep it from scorching. The place smelled like a blacksmith’s forge, all heated metal and steam. I was transported.

The color of the heated glass amazed me. So orange. So absolutely gorgeous. Like a sunset snagged on the end of my pole (I can’t remember what they called the pole).

Contentedness curled up like a big, fat cat around me as I worked, turning, blowing, shaping, creating just for the sake of beauty.

Like I said, it was awesome.

Writers, get out there and live life. You can’t write big if you don’t live at least a little bit big. Experience feeds you. Get out there and eat.


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3 Responses to Experience Feeds the Writer: Glassblowing

  1. jesskawrites says:

    Definitely! Living is recommended, specially when it involves molten glass 🙂

    I love how it glows 🙂 and how the different colours of glass all turn orange, but with minimal (and undescribable) nuances.

    I haven’t found a way of preserving the orange glow when it’s cooled, and that sucks, if you (or your husband) have an idea, let me know!

    • I am so going back. I’m hooked. If I figure out the secret to keeping said lovely orange, I will definitely share!

      • jesskawrites says:

        🙂 Totally with you on the addiction… There are days when nothing works, and the bin ends up fuller than the oven, but I still can’t quit. Heck,I can’t even bring myself to hate it. The glass I mean.

        Good luck with the search 🙂

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