Medieval Party Musts: A Bad-Ass Mazer

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Any medieval dude worth his salt knows you have to sport a fab mazer at your shindig.

What’s a mazer?

Oh, it’s a wooden drinking bowl, usually made of maple (German maser means spot, and maple is kind of spotty). If said medieval personage is super rad, their mazer’s rim will be silver or at the very least silver gilt. Inside the bowl, a funny little knob or boss sometimes boasts animals, inlaid jewels, or carvings.

These mazers were so very important to medieval feasts (their version of a kegger) that many were named. In Canterbury there were a few named bowls. Austin. Pylgrim. Bygge. If you had a silver, burr maple mazer with a print (the cool knob thingy inside) named Hank at your party in say 1325, you were the stuff.

Here’s my personal favorite. If you look closely, you can read the card and learn this one’s tied to Robert the Bruce of Scotland. So case in point, people. He is the king of bad-assery.


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