More Scottish Fun: Accent Challenge and Slang

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As I continue my research for my current ya speculative fiction, I thought I’d share more fun Scottish stuff via youtube.

I love/hate youtube. It can be a disgusting and sad place. BUT it’s also a treasure trove of experience, of give and take with people far across the pond. The first video I listed below was created by a Scottish girl who wanted to clear some slang-related things up for us non-Scottish folk. This southern US girl had to listen to her several times to understand all the words. Totally fun. It brought me right back to my UK trip this past summer.

Here she is.

This second video is a boy with a beautiful accent. He reads a list of words (part of the Accent Challenge) in such a straightforward manner that I just had to laugh. So Scottish. : )

Here he is.

Now there is a big difference in accents around Scotland. This video discusses some of the differences between Edinburgh and Glasgow. There is a good bit of heat between the two cities, but I’m not here to take a side. Enjoy this girl’s editorialized talk concerning the accents in the two places.

If you have any videos to suggest or other references, don’t be afraid to share in the comments below.

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1 Response to More Scottish Fun: Accent Challenge and Slang

  1. T.J. says:

    I had to get hubby in on it. I didn’t tell him where, but he pointed it out fairly quickly (he’s from the UK). I do love accents, unfortunately, I can’t hear the London accent any longer.

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