Parnassus: A Book Store that is Actually Working

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My dear uncle *waves at the all-too-funny chemistry prof who used to play laser tag with me,* sent me a link today about Nashville’s own Parnassus bookstore.

I’ve been worried about them during this shopping season.


Because people talk big about loving books but when the time comes to buy stuff, they choose digital. It’s fun. It’s fast. Everyone is doing it. I’m not here to slam it. I read digital books quite often these budget tight days. But when it comes to my Christmas list, I want a beautiful book under the tree. I don’t want to have to charge it, hold it the right way to avoid the glare, or share it with Angry Bird loving preschoolers.

On the behalf of Parnassus and all the other bookstores struggling out there, I worried I was becoming a minority.

Not so!

It seems many of my fellow Nashvillians also long for a lovely tome under their Christmas tree or menorah. And we want it from a local spot, not Amazon!

Check this link out. Very interesting.

Good work, Parnassus! Stay strong!

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