Scottish Slang

currently playing on my iPod: Ancient Sea by Elephant Revival (Yes, again. Because I am obsessed.)

This summer, I took a  two day tour of the Scottish highlands. The top three things about this experience were:

1. My tour guide was a Scottish Ellen Degeneres.

2. Gorgeous hikes abounded in yonder hills.

3. I learned some Scottish slang.

I was hesitant about doing the whole tour thing. I hate to be bossed about and don’t care for a group of strangers, with different travel goals than me, mandating the time I spend imagining Rob Roy coming out of the mist to battle the fairies hidden in the birches.

BUT the slightly short leash was worth it, because I spent those two days with Shelby, the Ellen D-ish guide, who slung buckets of slang at us.

Here’s a little list of what she shared.



made a bauchle of it–made a mess of it


bawheid–stupid (but is, at times, used as an affectionate abuse)

havering–(Remember that song by The Proclaimers?) idle chatter

winching–kind of like snogging, which we’re all familiar with because of Harry Potter




juice–soda, unless you say apple or whatever first

heuchter-teuchter–term applied to something totally Scottish to the point of being a sterotype, heuchter can also mean “country” like hickish, as we say here at my house

coup–messy, as in my truck is such a coup

Let’s make a big, rocking sentence just for kickers.

You’re so glaikit, nebbie bawheid, you’ve made such a bauchle of it with your havering and your juice drinking, that I’ve not been able to winch my now nippy lad in your coup house full of kilts and other such heuchter-teuchter.

I’m sure I used some of these incorrectly; I was only funning. Give me your cray sentence full of Scots slang in the comments below!

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