A Writer’s Inspiration, Part III: Out of the Mouths of Babes

currently playing on my iPod: Lights by Ellie Goulding

We’ve visited the idea that music and poetry inspire great scenes in fiction. Kind of a Duh, though, isn’t it? That said, I’m going to suggest we branch out a bit.

Watch out.

This exercise involves wild creatures with small hands and untethered imaginations.

They’re called–CHILDREN. Dun, dun…dun, dun…dundundundundah!

This type of inspiration must be experienced not explained, and so I have a little homework for you.

1. Get an idea in your head–a character that’s been roaming around your dreams for a while, a setting that you visited recently, whatever.

2. Snag at least two of the wee beasties, um, I mean children(please be certain their parents know and approve of this snagging), some markers, and paper.

3. Start drawing your character and/or setting.

4. Encourage kids to start drawing whatever they want and ask them about their pictures.

5. Tell them what you’re drawing. Do it in a real grown-up voice, sound-effects optional. Get excited about it and they will too.

6. Now ask the kids what they wish would happen to your character in your setting if ANYTHING WERE POSSIBLE.

7. Repeat Steps 1-6 until you have the raddest premise ever.

Seriously. It works.

Keep me posted on your Inspiration Experimentation and share the wild-minded love!

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