A Writer’s Inspiration, Part II: Poetry

currently playing on my iPod: Gone by Ioanna Gika

Last post I talked about how music inspires writers to create faster paced action and richer transitional scenes. Today, we’ll discuss poetry.

Because of its abstract nature, poetry can paint truly original pictures in a writer’s brain. Every poem is an opportunity to expand on someone else’s flash of inspiration.

Poetry can be a story starter. I’m a big fan of HP Lovecraft’s THE POE-ET’S NIGHTMARE. Dark and disturbing, it’s chock full of monsters, foul smells, and torturous experiences. (Read it here if you like. You won’t begrudge the time spent, I’m certain.) As I read the piece, I visualized the lowest moment in my current main character’s arc. And, let me tell ya, it was rough. I came out of my office after writing the scene, and my husband asked me what had happened. “Writing happened,” I said.

Readers, writers, accountants, teachers, and salesmen, please share what poems have inspired you. Perhaps your inspiring tip will lead to the next great work of literature!

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