A Writer’s Inspiration: Part I, Music

currently playing on my iPod: Old Pine by Ben Howard

I love to hear about writers’ inspiration. It’s a beautiful thing. From a poem to something a four-year-old says, inspiration hits writers in a myriad of ways.

Although most writers do their serious editing in silence, many listen to music while pouring out that first draft. Songs fill them with a wide range of emotions which overflow into the story at the writer’s fingertips. House music can up the pace. Soft instrumentals bring out inner monologue. Darker music imbue scenes with unexpected horrors.

I’ve seen it happen in my own writing. I had a blah transitional scene in my current manuscript so I turned up Apparat’s Ash/Black Veil. The scene snarled into something sinister. It went from yeah, yeah to ooo, wow, that foreshadowing! 

Later I listened to Muse’s Stockholm Syndrome while writing an action scene. I typed so quickly that I could barely catch my breath.

One of my favorite things about writing is when inspiration takes me, squeezes my heart, and shakes a scene onto the page. Love it.

Writers, tell me what music inspires you. Share the thrill.

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3 Responses to A Writer’s Inspiration: Part I, Music

  1. lexacain says:

    It’s great you find inspiration in music. Sometimes a muse is cagy,so you have to catch her any way you can. Considering your profession, I bet you write great action scenes!
    I came from Precy/Cherie’s blog since you gave her a 7 Meme award, and she tagged me. Thanks! 🙂

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