What Ed Sheeran’s Music and YA Paranormal Books Have In Common

currently playing on my iPod: You Need Me, I Don’t Need You by Ed Sheeran

Okay. I realize that the title of this blog seems a bit of a stretch. But stick with me for a minute.

Ed Sheeran, a fantastic UK musician, opened for Snow Patrol last night at the Ryman. He is known for blending acoustic guitar melodies, beat box techniques, and super-fast lyrics, creating songs that border on hypnotizing. Leading with the familiar guitar riffs, he leads audiences into new musical territory. Much like a YA Paranormal author.

I’m getting there. I swear.

Like Sheeran, a good Paranormal launches from a familiar setting as well. Highschool. An amusement park. A best friend’s backyard. This “real” setting helps some readers make the jump to the fantastical elements of the story such as angels hanging with humans or fairies wearing witty tees and shopping at the local grocer. The leap is more gradual than it is in a straight-up Fantasy. Usually on page one of a Fantasy, the reader lands in an unfamiliar world complete with its own rules, creatures, and laws. YA Paranormal readers often need a little of the familiar acoustic guitar before they can buy into the wilder rhythms of a writers’ imagination.

If you’re writing Paranormal fiction, remember to introduce your story in a relatable setting with a few precise, accurate details and your readers will be much more likely to shiver at your ghosts and swoon at your mythological men.


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