Medieval Lovin’: A Review of THE SISTER QUEENS by Sophie Perinot

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Yes, Sophie Perinot’s debut THE SISTER QUEENS takes us through medieval battles, the crusades, and some juicy court politics, but it is truly a story about two women and their quest for fulfillment.

Marguerite, wife to France’s Louis IX, and Eleanor, wife to Henry III of England, begin their marriages committed to and even besotted with their royal husbands. But as passion fades, their husbands’ attentions turn to king-sized politics rather than king-sized beds, leaving the sisters lonely and disenchanted.

In Perinot’s tale, a masterful blend of exacting research and fleshed out scenes, the two sister queens find fulfillment in striving to solidify their children’s inheritance, protect their Savoyard relations’ interests, and in the chivalrous arms of men who appreciate not only their political prowess but also their female ferocity.

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