In Love With A Story: The Finale

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What makes readers fall for a book?

We’ve talked characters. They need to be complex, true, relatable. Readers like to see conflict within their personalities. Characters are another exciting puzzle to solve.

Setting hogged that second post. It also needs inherent conflict. It must give the reader pleasure and pain, to a degree.

But I believe the big player in the literary love game is the seed.

The seed is the glowing kernel of moral truth inside the story. Every well-loved book has one. Here are a few I’ve noticed (I know many will argue these with me, but this is my opinion and my blog, so blaaan! *sticks out tongue*).

HARRY POTTER: love beats all

DIVERGENT: courage and humility are intertwined

CATCHER IN THE RYE: innocence is a great thing and should be protected

I could go on all night, but I won’t. You get it. Readers fall for stories, really fall for them, when the tale includes some deeper meaning, one of life’s truths, if you will.

So look back at your work in progress, writers. Do you have a seed that will grow in the hearts of your readers?


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1 Response to In Love With A Story: The Finale

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I sure do hope so..

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