This Is Why We Write: Inspiration and Understanding

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Yes, we write to escape from our daily routine. Of course, we pen epic tales so we may pretend to be superhuman. Most of the time, writing brings simple joy. But the true reason most writers do what they do is to inspire and to bring understanding.

Every day I talk to people about books–in the elevator, at work, at my kid’s class party. And many individuals have shared what they’ve learned through their favorite and not-so-favorite novels. A discussion on C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet morphed into a deep give-and-take on how we humans were meant to live. The novel Wicked led two friends into a better understanding of compromise within relationships. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander helped a new wife appreciate her role and her husband’s role in terms of loyalty and intimacy.

Stories are meant to do this. They are not simply for escape; they must hold some seed of truth concerning the human condition.

This is why we write.


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  1. Why great lit. should be taught in school in original- not abbreviated versions…even if a struggle to read. (and they should write about it) Great post

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