The Museum Store: Christmas gifts that rock

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Okay. Christmas. Finding a great gift for the history lover in your life may seem challenging, but it really needn’t be. Check out The Museum Store. Seriously, I mean, a pretty bracelet is rad, but what if said bracelet is an exact copy of one worn by contemporaries of Cleopatra? Or a replica of a piece worn by a Briton just before the Romans came to England? Or maybe it holds ancient words that call for a blessing? C’mon. That’s cool.

Your history lover will run her fingers over designs, feeling the same sensation that someone did centuries ago. They will wonder What did that person do after they slipped the bracelet on their wrist? Did she don some blue paint and lop someone’s head off with a short sword? Did she trip happily down the street, waving to Christopher Marlowe on the way? Perhaps she hid the jewelry under her velvet sleeve and went to meet with a lover at the court of the Sun King?

Replica jewelry brings not only beauty but a story in a colorful place far from that load of laundry, that office desk, that line of red glowing traffic. Give it a try. I hope my husband does.

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