Digital Books: Let’s think positively!

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Okay, so I’m not one of those folks who grin and clap their hands when someone pulls out their new Kindle Fire or whathaveyou. At best, I tolerate technology. Computery stuff makes it easier to write novels–which is my thing–and to find the address of some fantastic restaurant my cool friends want to visit. For me, reading on something that emits false light is just creepy. But, hey, I’m trying to come around to the idea. For instance, this week I’m gathering intel on happy tidbits about the world of publishing going digital. Here goes…

1. For as long as I’ve been around, the book industry has been rather tough on short stories. I’ve heard such complaints as they don’t package well and they don’t generate enough profit for the big boys/girls to even bother. But with digital formats, short stories make more sense on the money end. Here’s hoping *clinking champagne that suspiciously looks like milk in a fancy glass* we see more!

2. We can buy chapters of non fiction books. Hm. Interesting idea, is it not? I can’t remember where I picked this one up–I’ll post it later if I find it–but I love the possibilities. Like to cook dessert but not so big on tackling an intricate dinner? Download only the dessert sections of your favorite chefs’ cookbooks! Woo hoo! No more giant manuals-on-things-I-will-just-never-do falling from their overstuffed cabinet into the washing machine below. There’s another swig o’the drink to that one!

3. It’s one I’m not proud of but ’tis true nonetheless. Convenience. I don’t have to pack up two kids, drive through traffic to the brick and mortar store, and keep those little ones from buddying up to strangers whilst I peruse the shelves of today’s latest fiction. I simply wait until they are in bed and get to shopping. And the “books” I want will always be in stock digitally speaking. Ho hum. I know, really lazy. Oh well. I started out positive, and that’s a leap in the right direction.

What gets you smiling when you think about ebooks?

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4 Responses to Digital Books: Let’s think positively!

  1. lialexis says:

    Hey there! I totally feel you when it comes to ebooks… or I did, until I unexpectedly became a convert. We differ in that I’ve always been a first adopter when it comes to any new technology… But being a Lit girl, I always thought that nothing would be able to compare to that feel of ink and paper, the new book (or old book) smell… or even the ambiance of a bookstore.

    That all changed when I bought my iPad and discovered the Kindle app. I fell in love. I love having every book that might ever come up in conversation with someone at my fingertips. I LOVE the ability to download a sample right when someone recommends a book to me, rather than having to hope I’ll remember the title and author long enough to make it to a bookstore or library. I love the access to independent authors, who are writing great stuff that’d I’d have never even seen otherwise, and it give me hope that when I do finally get around to writing a novel myself, that maybe I’ll have a chance of getting someone to read it!

    Wow… didn’t expect to be so verbose, but you asked the question! Hope I’ve helped, or at least given you more to consider!

    • Yes, you’re right, of course. Having all our goodies at our fingertips is lovely BUT then you don’t go to the store and have a conversation with someone perusing nearby. Regardless, I know I’ll hop on the bandwagon sometime soon for all of the above reasons, especially having access to less well known authors.

  2. Patricia says:

    Well, for one thing, my publisher is a small one who can’t afford to print ALL my stories. But he publishes them gladly as ebook. And so they find readers, which makes me (and him) happy.
    Also, what I write gets published much faster, which motivates me.
    Also, since my publisher is German, and I live in Germany, it would have been difficult to publish my english stories, but now with the ebooks, it’s easy.
    As a reader, I decided on a Kindle because it does NOT emanate light. I find I like it – I read more (because I can do it one-handed while cooking, waiting at the bus stop or eating breakfast), I buy more books because they cost less, and I find when reading a good story, I forget about whether I’m holding a book or the Kindle.
    I think these are good times for readers and writers.

    • I’m glad that epubbing helps you reach your readership. It really is another huge upside to all of this.

      And I’m with you on the Kindle that does not emanate light. Barnes and Noble’s Nook has a nice version as well, but I don’t see many non-backlit devices around me these days–more iPads and its competitors.

      I guess what I’m truly not looking forward to is the lack of actual bookstores. The whole DVD situation is already driving me batty. I don’t want to pay per month for Netflix and also plan ahead on what I might want to watch. It seems none of the older movies I like are on instant access. And Redbox…please…it is always empty at my local grocery store. It’s so sad when we gather around that big, red machine, waiting for one another to choose in front of the whole crowd. Urgh. I’ll stop blathering on.

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